Saturday, March 10, 2012

Probably the Last Run of the Season?

We talked servers, storage and virtualization, on the way to the woods!

Ron and I put on 91.5 miles from Elbow Lake Store, to Pinehurst for lunch and over to Itasca State Park. We figured this may be the last day this season with an upcoming weeks forecast above 50 if not 60 degrees!!

The snow was amazing and the trails a blast! I hope this is not the end, but reality may just slap us in the face next week!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What happened to the old sleds?

So I remember when it took one hand bolt and two clips to take the hood off the 1966 Johnson. Oh, and one wire harness to disconnect the headlight. But once you got the hood off, you could literally crawl in the engine from all angles.

After doing a ski alignment Monday night, I noticed the Apex needed some new bushings and nylon washers on the A-arms to take away a little slop. Just so happens you have to remove the guage pod, 3 body panels, the airbox, the battery, battery box and a nest of wires to reach the nuts on the backside of the bulkhead to remove the A-arms. WOW!

PS: I found the oil filter down in there too, maybe I will do my own oil change next spring! I didn't put enough miles on this year to justify it.

I'm just happy it was just bushings and not a broken bulkhead! I hear that requires a bit more time and an air rivet tool to replace 58 rivets!!

And all you ditch pickle and doo riders don't need to comment. Yamahas are not made of aluminum foil, that's covering the throttle bodies while the airbox is out.

Cousin IT came to visit

Just so happened that Macy and I were watching the end of an Addams Family movie. And I mentioned she looked like Cousin IT.