Monday, January 7, 2013

Low Snow Dorks

Yup, this is what a person does when they are made up of Half Geek and Half Snowmobiler and there is no snow on the ground. You pull out your inner McGyver and create a Tekvest mounted GooseNeck camcorder mount! WOO WOO!! I'm gonna be filming Burandt style!! To all you non sledders, google Chris Burandt So I have one ram mount on the chin of my helmet and one on by back. I may use that to film Macy above the snow-dust.

Macy Got Out!

So Macy got the chance to break in the new helmet. If you got our New Year's Card, you saw this photo. She was jacked to be sporting the new brain bucket! Even more excited to be riding. Hopefully we can find some snow this weekend too!

December Riding

Oh my what I would not do for more snow! This was taken in Brainerd with Dave the weekend before Xmas. SNOW DANCE PLEASE!