Monday, January 2, 2012

Sledding in White Earth, January 2, 2012

So Davey-J and I had heard the reports of the snow in White Earth and Ada, so we got our butts on the road. We drove up through Ada to find ridable ditches, but kept rolling on over to Pinehurst Resort in Naytahwaush.

There was at least 13" of ice on the lake, so there were plenty of pickups on the ice. The trails just off the lake were a bit rocky, but once we got south to the main trails it was amazing!!

Heading to the south end of Elbow Lake on the river shore was a bit dangerous though. I was noticing the ice was a bit sketchy, so I stopped and stepped off the sled and my foot went right through the ice up past my knee in water. I slowly got back on to spread my weight and yelled at Dave to slowly back up!!

Needless to say, we rode North of Elbow lake the rest of the day.

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